The Economic Development Committee shall:

  • Empower local communities with the necessary education, resources and partnerships to develop sustainable economic models that advance diversity and equity.

  • Ensure that government and industry are knowledgeable, and committed to bridging racial inequality, particularly as it relates to employment, , lending and business ownership.

  • Grow a movement of concerned citizens and organization who work together to produce an inclusive and strong middle class economy for the 21st century.

From April 23—April 25, 2018, the Institute for African American Research, NCGrowth, the Southern Historical Collection, the Center for the Study of the American South and the Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise hosted a multi-disciplinary conference which connect academic researchers and Black Communities across North America. By creating new collaborations, we helped to document, safeguard and enhance the life of these communities.

Financial Freedom Campaign Resources

The NAACP Economic Department provides economic education resources, which includes curriculum, toolkits, PowerPoint presentations and resource guides around wealth inequality & asset building, credit rehabilitation, financial planning, and mortgage assistance and foreclosure recovery. Click on the link below each heading to see detailed information.