Modesto gathering against hate offers ‘candid and courageous conversations’

September 18, 2019

Author:  John Holland

Published: 5:17 PM PDT September 18, 2019

MODESTO, Calif. — A town hall in west Modesto aired concerns about hate while celebrating the contributions of diverse people.


The NAACP of Modesto/Stanislaus hosted the Tuesday night gathering at the King-Kennedy Memorial Center. It featured speakers from varied faiths, ethnic backgrounds and gender identities.


“We just wanted to have an event that brings us all together in a safe setting and allows us to just kind of talk and have some very candid and courageous conversations with each other,” said Wendy Byrd, president of the NAACP chapter.

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Tired of all the divisiveness? This Modesto event could be for you

September 12, 2019

Author: Modesto Bee         Editorial Board

Published: 5:29 PM PDT September 12, 2019

MODESTO, Calif. — Straight pride. Mass shootings. Divisive rhetoric. It’s time to set the ugliness aside and remind ourselves what unites us.


We support the local NAACP chapter’s effort to broker greater understanding at a town hall meeting Tuesday here in Modesto. It represents a good step in a positive direction.

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Everything we know so far about the 'Straight Pride' event in Modesto

August 16, 2019

ABC 10

Author: Eric Escalante

Published: 5:41 PM PDT August 14, 2019

Updated: 9:23 PM PDT August 16, 2019

MODESTO, Calif. — An event permit for a "Straight Pride" event in Modesto spurred public outcry and heated conversations all the way up to that permit’s denial by city staff. However, organizers are now planning to go “solo” with their efforts despite the city’s denial.

A "Straight Pride" event in Modesto has seen challenges and changes since the permit was first submitted. Here's how it started and where it's at now.

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Parents upset over 'Gender Unicorn' hand-outs at Central California middle school

August 16, 2019

ABC 10

Author: Giacomo Luca

Published: 6:35 PM PDT August 16, 2019

Updated: 8:04 PM PDT August 16, 2019

DENAIR, Calif. — A Denair Middle School science teacher passed out the “Gender Unicorn” work-sheet to two periods of science students on the first day of class before a principal asked him to stop.

The teacher told administrators he wanted to help students understand how he identifies, but some parents are frustrated about the gender identity handout.

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California students will 'not pay a dime in tuition' for first 2 years of community college

August 9, 2019

ABC 10

Author: Kurt Rivera

Published: 4:57 PM PDT August 9, 2019

Updated: 8:18 PM PDT August 9, 2019

STOCKTON, Calif. — A recently expanded tuition waiver signed by Governor Gavin Newsom means any first-time and full-time student will be able to attend junior college for not just one year with free tuition but two years.

San Joaquin Delta College is ready to aid students with "Enrollment Express" starting August 10.

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