We are a non-profit organization. All officers and executive committee members at the local and conference level work on a volunteer basis to defend those who cannot defend themselves.

    Our work does not end there.  Each year we plan a series of community outreach and fundraising events.  We are successful because our members participate and we receive support from the greater community.

     However, it takes more than a great plan; it takes great people to see that plan through.


Tel:   209.896.9196

Fax:   209.622.0774

Email:   NaacpModestoStanislaus@gmail.com

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The Modesto/Stanislaus NAACP Branch, Unit 1048 knows that strength, not only lies in our words, but in our actions as well. We have set out on a mission to help heal the world, and will not quit until our job is complete.


Founded in 1961, Modesto/Stanislaus NAACP Branch, Unit 1048 inspires action, serves donors, and supports communities. We’re driven by a firm belief in the power of humanity, and we will do anything it takes to make an impact.

The Modesto/Stanislaus NAACP strives to increase awareness of civil rights violations in a way that provides reliable information to the citizens of Stanislaus, and the surrounding counties, about the social and economic health of our communities, in a way that allows us to shape policies that foster open societies.

Through oversight, auditing, and investigation, the Modesto/Stanislaus NAACP builds local potency, brings national expertise to bear on the region, and promotes cooperation between local activists, national organizations, and civic movements in the field of civil rights. The definitive goal of these activities is to strengthen civil society and construct support networks for civil society representatives within governmental structures and movements.